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YO! I am The Mariah, 21, from Canada. A student of Philosophy, Writing, English, and whatever else I find interesting in the world. Currently studying abroad in England. Gonna run a Tough Mudder in June. Hellz yes. Welcome.

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"If we don’t pull together and work as a team, we’ll never forgive ourselves."

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Free! x Noragami 

I really liked this sequence of the Noragami op and I really like Free! so I got inspired:D


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i didn’t go for my run today, which i really should have because as soon as i leave my dorm i have this deep seated NEED for running.

but i did go a swim, about 30 minutes, and the pool is at least 30 minutes away, but i got sort of lost on the way there taking back alleys for the sake of exploration, so i walked a lot and swam (the lady at the desk was very kind and let me in for free when my debit wouldn’t work) and now i look forward to my run tomorrow and then going to watford for easter and spending it with my friend and his family before school starts up again.

i did next to no homework over the last two weeks.

"chronic procrastinator. still had so much to do" is what they will write on my gravestone one day.